Sunday, October 08, 2006

Yacht Clubs of Brooklyn: Detroit Tigers Win Division Series Edition

In honor of the Detroit Tigers spanking the Yankees to win the 2006 AL Division Series, we're taking today's Yacht Clubs of Brooklyn on the road to Detroit, Michigan to visit one of the country's most prominent sailboat racing clubs, Bayview Yacht Club.

Founded in 1915, Bayview Yacht Club is a club strictly for sailors. It sits on eight acres of land with more than 575 feet along the Detroit River. The club has more than 100 slips to accommodate sailboats ranging from under 20 feet to 70 footers. It also has a few gin poles and hoists to accommodate those who drysail their boats.

Bayview's bar, a beautiful old oak bar, surrounded by half-hull models and trophies, is a legendary spot where Midwestern sailors have been telling tales of the sea for years. Its also where the Kahuua-based cocktail, "The Hummer" was created by Bayview's famous bartender Jerome.

While the club is known for its parties, bar and great restaurant, BYC's reputation is built on its sailboat racing heritage. The club founded and hosts the annual Bayview Mackinac Race, one of the sports largest freshwater regattas, which sees more than 130 boats go more than 200 miles up Lake Huron. The club also is strongly involved in Canada's Cup racing and has hosted a number of national and international championships throughout the years. Moreover, its currently home to a few hot boats, including the TransPac 52 Trader, the Melges 24s Fu and Rumblur, as well as some older 50 to 70 footers. They have a number of one-design fleets, including: a local Ultimate 20 fleet that the club owns; Melges 24s, C&C 35s, J-105s; J-120s; North-American 40s and some GL 50s and GL70s. the We've seen the Max Z 86 Windquest at a few BYC-sponsored regattas as well.

The Motor City may be best known for 8-Mile, cars, hockey, unemployment, the occasional win against the Yankees and as the murder capital of the United States, but Detroiters can boast of their maritime heritage while drinking a Hummer at the BYC Bar.

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