Tuesday, June 20, 2006

There's Sharks in them thar Waters


That's the typical reaction we get at the mere mention that a shark was spotted off the Brooklyn coastline. And while we're not spotting them every weekend, we know they are out there.

On Saturday, we were on the race committee boat helping run the Sherman Leonard Regatta for Miramar Yacht Club. After the starting gun, the winds were light and we decided to toss a line out in an attempt to catch a meal. Shortly afterward, something caught out line. We figured maybe a bass. When we reeled in the line, we knew it wasn't a bass, but what was it exactly? Some type of Brooklyn sea ray? A skate fish? Can somebody please tell us?

We cast another line out. It wasn't long before something caught the line. Just as the fish was almost at the surface, we knew we had caught a little shark. Before we reeled it in, the shark twisted itself into the fishing line (we let it run a bit so it would unravel itself). When we got the mini-shark into the net, it did the same thing and twisted itself into the green netting. It took a while to unravel the beast from the net, but we got it out and tossed it back.

If we're asked again, we now have gathered the evidence to prove there are indeed sharks in them thar waters.


At Saturday, July 05, 2008 4:31:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mystery fish looks like a "clear nose skate" (Raja eglanteria). Nice catch.


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