Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Crazy Eddie Ain't the Only One Who's Insane: 1,000 Days at Sea

This weekend, 55 year-old Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad, Reid's 23-year old girlfriend departed from Manhattan on a voyage to sail continuously for 1,000 days at sea: by sailing continuously, they mean no stops for provisions, repairs or food. Nothing.

Reid Stowe has been planning this trip for some time now and had a 70-foot schooner - which he christened Anne, after his mother - crafted specifically for this challenge. Stowe and Ahmad plan to sail around the world three times without stopping. We're not holding our breath, because, like a good thriller, there are often clues that foreshadow the story. The Associated Press reports Ahmad saying, "this will be my first time sailing ever — except for up and down the Hudson River." She also writes on the 1,000 days at sea blog, "The boat is moving at 7 knots and it feels really fast compared to the 3 knots it was doing yesterday. Now that we’re going faster and the boat is leaning, it’s harder to move around, with one leg feeling shorter than the other and the longer one doing a lot of work. When I walk from one place to another, it’s more like I’m tumbling from one place to another. I guess I haven’t gotten my sea legs yet. So I decided that I would try to move as sparingly as possible."

Oh brother!

According to their press release and reports, the couple has a three year supply of food, which will be augmented by rainwater and by the fish they catch at sea. They also have a reverse osmosis water maker -- thank goodness. In addition, the lovebirds plan to grow spouts and have a small garden on deck, which is "mainly for greenery," according to Ahmad. We're curious what type of greenery grows in seawater and about their plans for 1,000 days of garbage.

While Reid Stowe seems to have extensive blue water experience, we are curious why he chose someone so inexperienced to join him on such a voyage. We wish them luck and can't wait to see Soanya's posts when she hits the Southern Ocean.

The cognescetti on Sailing Anarchy's message boards don't give these folks much of a chance and are polling members to guess how long before they throw in the towel.

In any case, we are entertained and will follow their progress.

Godspeed to the crew of Anne. We think you'll need it

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