Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sailing In Floyd Bennett Field

In our efforts to show the diversity of sailors in the County of Kings, we move on shore, to Floyd Bennett Field where a group thrill seekers gathers for some land-based sailing. Blokart sailing (or cart sailing), uses a single sail to propel a compact, lightweight cart that propels along the ground. Blokarts have been recorded at speeds as high as 57 MPH and we're told they are fairly simple to sail -- even for novices.

At Floyd Bennet field, Blokarting is championed by the New York State Blokart Sailing Club. They are a friendly group -- we say that because a few summers back, we were asked a member about the Blokart and he offered to let us take her for a ride. Like morons, we declined.

This is a great alternative for those who have the sailing but, but perhaps can't swim or get seasick very easily.

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