Monday, July 10, 2006

High and Dry off Plumb Beach

We haven't met a sailor who hasn't run aground or hit rocks at one time in their sailing career, but what we saw on Sunday just off Plumb Beach in Brooklyn was insane.

Upon heading out of the Sheepshead Bay Channel (which, we'd like to add, needs a harbor master or something to slow these stinkboats down), we noticed that a sailboat, appearing to be about 30-feet, was stranded high and dry just off Plumb Beach at low tide. Anyone who sails the area knows that you don't cut the marks, particularly by Plumb Beach (unless you're in a centerboarder that draws less than a foot). While our picture does not do the site justice, if you blow it up, you can see the boat lying on her side a few hours after low tide.

We took it as a reminder to bone up on our charts. You can never have too much local knowledge.


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