Monday, September 04, 2006

Wyckoff Street's Tumbling Tenement (update 2)

We've moved onshore this holiday weekend and have been covering the partial collapse of 207 Wyckoff Street in Boreum Hill.

As of this posting, the Department of Buildings has moved to tear down 207 Wyckoff Street after the eastern and western walls of the building partially collapsed onto neighboring properties. We heard that the foreman of the demolition crew made a very persuasive argument to the Department of Buildings Engineer, who returned to the site today to re-assess the building. Yesterday, the engineer was hesitant to tear the whole structure down, but ordered that the top floor must come down and a protective "shed" be built around the property. Late this afternoon, upon further inspection, he deemed the property unsafe and moved to have it torn down.

Over the next 10 days, demolition crews will work to assemble scaffolding around 207 Wyckoff Street and then carefully dismantle the old brick structure. Right now, protective scaffolding is being erected around the building. We are not aware of any specific fines that have been levied nor are we aware of any other actions that have been taken against the absentee landlord of the property.


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