Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Continuing Our Land-Based Feed from 207 Wyckoff St.

We're continuing to our stint of land-based reporting with continuing coverage on activities at 207 Wyckoff St. in Boerum Hill (we expect to return to sea shortly).

As of this posting, the building is very close to coming all the way down, with what appears to be tremendous progress being made in the past two days. Yesterday (picture left), there was still a significant amount of the side and rear walls standing. Today, more than 3/4 of the front and western walls are gone. And it appears as the entire rear wall has gone as well. One interesting fact about 207 Wyckoff is that even though its been empty for more than 30 years, there were still pots and pans hanging from the wall of the top floor kitchen.

Today we observed the Eastern European crew demolishing the western wall not brick-by-brick as we've seen previously, but using the crane --- specifically the bucket of the crane -- as a tool to push down the wall. We saw two guys in the bucket, as the operator moved it next to the wall. The operator then forced the bucket into the wall and voila, about a seven-foot section collapsed into the building. This also helped verify our assumptions that the demo crew is not carting away any of the material right now, but rather creating a pile in the center of the building -- a massive two story pile of debris. We can only assume that when they finally finish tearing this sucker down, that another crew will bring some new Tonka-like machines to the site and start carting all of the bricks, wood and garbage away.

Overall, residents on Wyckoff Street are happy the building is coming down. Even in this demolished state, residents have commented that the block looks better with a nearly demolished building compared to the single piece of abandoned blight on the bloc. Of course, some buildings have better light, and now, from the corner of Wyckoff and Bond Streets, residents can see the top of the Williamsburg Savings Bank, which has not been visible.

The Western wall at 209 Wyckoff seems to be in tact and other than the roof. We're curious when the last time, if ever, that wall of 209 Wyckoff has seen the light of day. While we're on the subject of 209 Wyckoff, we managed to get a hold of the previous owner, who sold the building just about a year ago. The ex-owner told us when he first found out that 207 Wyckoff had partially collapsed he "was furious" because after years of lobbying local officials at the DoB, Yassky's office, the Borough President's Office nothing was accomplished and the building fell and added "Yassky hasn't done shit for Boerum Hill."


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