Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Continuing Saga at 207 Wyckoff St

We are continuing to follow the activities at 207 Wyckoff Street in Boerum Hill.

As of this posting, the demo crew has taken the facade off the top floor of the crumbling tenement. They are demolishing the building brick-by-brick in order to prevent any further damage to any of the surrounding buildings. We're told that the demolition will take 10 days.

The townhouse at 209 Wyckoff, which abuts the tenement, has been declared unsafe and illegal to enter. We're not sure where the owner is residing, but we know that the renters (a recently engaged couple) of the top-floor apartment have found temporary shelter in the neighborhood.

Insurance companies have been called and we're told that the two cars that were destroyed by a partial wall collapse of 207 Wyckoff have been declared totaled.

We'd also like to note that numerous calls and e-mail messages have been made to City Council Member David Yassky, who has not returned one. We're assuming that he's too busy trying to move up the political ladder to take care of his constituents.


At Monday, September 11, 2006 8:50:00 AM, Anonymous PSN said...

Add this to your Yassky archives:

Dear Park Slope Neighbor,

1) Endorsement Confusion

Yesterday, residents of Park Slope received in their mailboxes a letter endorsing City Councilmember David Yassky in the race for the 11th Congressional District. The letter arrived in an envelope with a Park Slope return address, and the sender was identified as "Park Slope Neighbors." The heading on the letter read "Park Slope Neighbors for David Yassky."

The letter was addressed to "Dear Neighbor," and it was signed by 21 residents of Park Slope. At the bottom of the page, in small type, was an indication that the mailing was "Paid for by David Yassky for Congress."

Park Slope Neighbors would like to make it absolutely clear that we had nothing to do with this letter, and have not endorsed David Yassky, or any other candidate, in the 11th District Congressional race, or any candidate in any other race, for that matter. We have consciously stayed away from any politicking, with an eye toward possibly seeking non-profit status at some point.

While we fully acknowledge that the name "Park Slope Neighbors" is not a registered trademark - in fact, we encourage everyone to feel like a "Park Slope Neighbor" - we believe that the name has become well established in association with our organization. We were understandably concerned, therefore, that the letter created the impression that we were somehow involved. We like to think that we have established a degree of trust in the neighborhood since our founding in December 2004, and we're wary about having the PSN name used in a way in which it was not intended.

It's certainly possible that the use of "Park Slope Neighbors" was a simple mistake, since Mr. Yassky and his staff are familiar with PSN and our work. Unfortunately, when we called the Yassky campaign to ask about the letter, the person with whom we spoke told us we were wasting his time, and hung up on us.


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