Monday, May 07, 2007

From the Bahamas to Brooklyn in Search of a Laundromat

A large, blue visitor came stopped by over the weekend, her name is Pasha.

Pasha, we discovered, is a custom, 55.2-foot aluminum cutter-rigged boat. She was built in 1998 and was designed by Mr. William C. Frank. We went out to the boat to pick up the owner and also saw it had beautiful beautiful teak decks and a teak cabin house. In plain English, Pasha is a very large, expensive boat.

Typically, boats of her caliber would moor in the Upper New York Harbor, most likely in the North Cove Marina, by the World Trade Center. Thankfully, these smart sailors decided to spend some time in Brooklyn.

While the boat is registered in Nova Scotia, Canada (that's why the large Canadian Flag is flying off the stern), the owner is British and lives in the Bahamas. He, along with two crew members, is delivering Pasha to her summer home in Nova Scotia. When we went to meet him, he was heading onshore to find a local laundromat. Unfortunately we couldn't help him.

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At Monday, May 07, 2007 9:06:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice looking boat and nice post! So happy the season is back. Spent the afternoon yesterday practicing MOB moves off the Statue of Liberty on a J-24 to prepare for my skipper's test with the sailing club out of North Cove. It was beautiful, but I'd much rather there was a similar outfit in Brooklyn. I could do without the line up to re-enter North Cove while some gigantic Clorox bottle of a yacht steams out of the marina! Cheers frm Carrol Gdns, Bernardo


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