Thursday, September 21, 2006

Coda: 207 Wyckoff

An unexpected trip out of town kept us from the action at 207 Wyckoff for a couple of days. When we left Monday evening, the work crew was disconnecting the water line that once connected to the property at 207 Wyckoff and continuing to remove debris from the lot. They had yet to fully remove the eastern or western walls of the building.

A lot changed in two days.

As of today, the building is fully dismantled, the lot is cleaned and the basement is filled with dirt. The adjacent parking lot is empty of bricks and equipment and heavy machinery. A chain link fence has been erected around the property and there are a few punch-list items to finish. While they were able to disconnect the water line, they were not able to find and disconnect the sewer line, so the boys will be back to finish off that job in the next few days. The broken bluestone sidewalk will be removed (a shame that the crumbling tower crushed the old bluestone in front of the building) and put a fresh layer of concrete will replace it (we hear that some neighbors on Wyckoff Street have dibs on the bluestone).

Wyckoff Street bookmakers are laying down odds on how long 207 Wyckoff will remain vacant; what, if any, action the City will take against the owner (neighboring buildings have not heard from Yassky's office since his initial call a few days after the buiding came down); and the pending litigation.


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