Sunday, September 17, 2006

Third Week of Demo at 207 Wyckoff

Today marks the start of the third week of demolition at 207 Wyckoff St. in Boerum Hill, Brookyn.

As of this posting, the good folks at A. Russo Wrecking, have brought the front and rear walls fully down. The majority of the wall that is adjacent to the parking lot has been removed and about one story of the wall that abuts 209 Wyckoff has to come down (we're curious how they are going to bring that wall down). On Friday, Russo brought in the heavy machinery (I think its a materials handler), which resembles a man-made, yellow dinosaur, to start hauling out the 10-foot pile of debris out of the site. The crew has been hauling truckloads as they move to empty out the lot so they can fill in the foundation.


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